Parametrized Relativistic Quantum Theory

by John R. Fanchi, Ph.D.

Parametrized Relativistic Quantum Theory presents the development of a new theory for describing relativistic quantum phenomena. The theoretical formalism is supplemented by numerous applications in classical and quantum theory, particle and nuclear physics, cosmology, and statistical physics. The theory handles the broad class of problems solved by conventional relativistic quantum theory, and contains fertile research areas for both experimentalists and theorists. Numerous comparisons between theory and experiment are provided, and several predictions are made.

The table of contents for Parametrized Relativistic Quantum Theory is listed below.

1.  Introduction
2. Special Relativistic Dynamics
3. Alternative Formulations of PRCM
4. Statistical PRCM
5. General Relativity in PRCM
6. Symmetry Principles
7. Probabilistic Basis
8. Physical Correspondence
9. Spin-0 Particle
10. Spin-½ Particle
11. Evolution Parameter Measurements
12. Bound State Models
13. Particle Stability
14. Parameter Independent Perturbation Theory
15. Introduction to Scattering Theory
16. Electromagnetic Scattering of a Spin-0 Particle
17. Statistical PRQT
18. Parameter Dependent Perturbation Theory
19. Mass State Transitions at Scattering Vertices
20. Tachyon Kinematics
21. Foundations of Field Theory
22. Properties of the Field Theory
23. Epilogue — A Quixotic Quest?
Primary References

Book Facts:
ISBN Number:     0792323769
Book type:     Hardback
Measurements:     6.75″ X 10″
Pages:     385
Publication Date:     August 1993

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